What`s Fresk

The name Fresk came from the words Freestyle Skills. In the Valtellina dialect, which is very close to us in the Engadin, it means fresh as it is called in English. We also want to be this with Fresk, namely new, cheeky, young, dynamic and innovative.


Fresk not only offers you cool camps but also tries to push the freestyle community every day. Thanks to our large network, we have the opportunity to offer you all kinds of services in the field of freestyle sports. We are constantly trying to push the freestyle sports and all of us have alot years of experience. Events, park construction, communication, personal training or shootings we will find the right professional for you.

Fresk was founded in 2014. Paolo, Max and Giulio wanted to use their whole experience which they had gathered in their many years of activity as snowboard instructors, ski instructors, park builders, event organizers, graphic artists, etc. to promote the sport and to inspire the kids for the freestyle sport.

Thanks to the friends network of Fresk, we will continue to promote freestyle sports in the future and inspire the future generation for the freestyle sport.