The ultimate pump track race for the whole family. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bike, scooter or skateboard, the main thing is to take part in pumptresina.

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Pumptrack Race

Adult Bike, Adult Skateboard, Groms Bike Jg 2013-2009, Groms Scooter Jg. 2013-2009, Groms Skate Jg. 2013-2009, Kids Bike 2014 and Younger, Kids Scooter 2014 and Younger, Kids Skate 2014 and Younger, Rookies Bike Jg.2008-2005, Rookies Sakte Jg. 2008-2005, Rookies Scooter Jg. 2008-2005, Senior Bike 1993 and older, Senior Skate 1993 and older